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The Diva of Light Network provides a platform using events, education & research, the arts, music, musical productions and film to give people the tools needed to provide a better future for all of us on this planet.  It is important for our future generations.

The Goddess conference


Preview of the film:  FEMME - WOMEN HEALING THE WORLD

women helping women



JULY 10, 11 & 12 2015



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We have vendor space available please email us for more information at divaoflightnetwork@gmail.com.  Sponsorships and scholarships are also available.


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A Conference Designed just for Women!

The Goddess Conference

Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit ~ Healing

Join us on an amazing journey for the weekend of July 10th, 11th, & 12th of 2015, in Nashville, Tennessee.  

We are going to help expand your abilities in every way, shape, and form.  We will be focusing on MIND, BODY, SPIRIT and HEALING.

This is going to be a deep and inspiring program to push you to that next level in every aspect of your life.  We will help you to focus on those areas important for your growth overall as a woman. 

  • History of the Ancient Goddesses & Women
  • Healing Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Lesson on the Body's Energy & Physics
  • Utilizing Our Goddess Energy
  • Women Healing the World
  • Wisdom Teachings of Isis & Ancient Egyptians
  • Learning about Past Lives - Science Today
  • Why it is important to "Tell Your Story"
  • Methods of Daily Meditation for a Busy Schedule
  • Our Own Personal Runway to Success
  • How to "Step Into Your Power"
  • Our Importance of Being Co-Creators 
  • Finding Your True Life Path - What It Takes
  • Learn How to Be Fearless & Push Forward

​We plan on making this a very fun weekend... we have many extra surprises and added bonuses in addition to your training to enjoy.  For more information follow the link below.   


3 days of amazing speakers & workshops

time to transform your life

master the following

1. empowerment

2. confidence

3. guidance

4. healing

you can then.......

smile everyday

be happy

feel better

make more money

get promoted

start your business

balance in your life

be focused



Early Bird Price per person $333

3 day event plus

bonus of 3 workshops included

Pick 3 workshops with registration

Registration & Payments for the event using the Paypal Link 

You will receive your Registration Package once your payment is made via email.  You will pick 3 Workshops after you register for the event.

You can also make a $150 Deposit for registration but we cannot offer the Bonus Items until the full amount is paid based on availability.  

Group Rates available please email us for details.  We have the 6 month payment plan with PayPal available.  

Regular Price $599 so hurry and get the Early Bird Price and your added Bonus Items.  We will call you to get the info on which Bonus Item you want to pick.  Email us with any questions.


Take advantage of the savings and get your ticket before we are sold out.  ($266 Savings)

Event Ticket PLUS 3 BONUS Workshops for only $333 for 3 full days 


More on finding the goddess within utilizing photography to capture our spirit

Award Winning Photographer, Lisa Levart, will help to capture your inner goddess.